The ASP Login script is a simple script that allows you to create a password protected area off your web site for either a members area or to protect pages that you don’t want others to have access too.

The script uses a password protected Access Database to store the names of users so you can have as many users as you like as long as they have different user names.

When a user tries to access a protected page a session variable that is set when the user logs in is checked to see if the user is valid. Session variables require that the user has session cookies enabled on there browser.


  • Easy to install. Seriously, it’s like 10 minutes.
  • Uses Session Varaible for more Security
  • Users can edit their profile/change their passwords
  • Users can register for an account if the feature is enabled by the admin/admin is notified of new accounts
  • Welcome email sent to users with activation link and information about their account
  • Users can see other users profiles/email them through the web interface/search for users too
  • Lost password notification. If you lost your password have it reset and sent to your email.
  • The administration interface is web browser-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Manage users/administrators: Add/Delete/Change Passwords/Suspend-Unsuspend
  • Administrators can email all members
  • Administrators can see “Who’s Online”/View Reports about the system(Total Users/Last User Signed Up)/Last Time a Users Logged In
  • Passwords are encrypted in the database, NO PLAIN TEXT
  • Customize the font color, and page table colors to match your website design
  • Uses MS Access 2000 database. 100% ASP Script.